Unlocking Sales Data: Mobi's API-Free Solution for Customer Data Access.

Issue: My customers don’t allow me to API to their systems so I can get my product sales data. They say it takes too much time to manage that process, there are security issues, and most importantly there is no way with API to only see my product sales data. How can Mobi help?

Resolution: Mobi technology solved this issue for one of the worlds largest beverage distributors. Since Mobi is a AI driven software and doesn’t have API connections to any customer systems, the AI is specific to the Distributors product SKUs and they can’t see other product sales. Also, since Mobi is an AI-driven software solution, there is no live connection like with an API between the Distributor and Customer systems so there is no issues of security like you would with API. And since Mobi is AI operated, the setup and connection and management is completely seamless to the Distributor Customer and it takes minutes to setup through a simple digital registration form that the customer initiates. 

More info: Please click here if you would like to be connected with a Mobi team member and get more information on the Mobi AI Software. 

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