How using Mobi AI, a major CPG company got their products on 10k customer online menus instantly.

Issue: Our products are sold in over 10k restaurants. All of those restaurants have online menus. We want to make sure our products are on their online menus. How can Mobi help?

Resolution: Our Mobi technology solved this issue for this Product Company. The Company was able to seamlessly link its Mobi software using AI with every one of its restaurant customers and instantly got their products onto those online menus. The Mobi AI detects if the online menu had the Company product. If it did, then Mobi AI replaces the product image and information with the authorized Trademark image of the Company product. If it didn’t, then Mobi AI injects that Company product into their customer's online menu without disrupting the customer and is fully automated. This Product Company today will use Mobi for other channeled customers with online menu presence like convenience stores and food service customers outside the restaurants. 

More info: Please click here if you would like to be connected with a Mobi team member and get more information on the Mobi AI Software. 


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