Nick Karapetian, Chief Executive Officer, MFMsoft, A DotCom Magazine Interview

Nick Karapetian, Chief Executive Officer, MFMsoft, A DotCom Magazine Interview About Nick Karapetian and MFMsoft: Nick is the founder of multiple food and tech-related companies and son of well-known philanthropist Vahe Karapetian, the pioneer of the modernized food truck and mobile foodservice and wholesale industry. Currently, Nick is Co-Founder, CEO, and Chairman of Mobile Food Menu, an online menu management software company that empowers foodservice and retail operators and their supplier network. Nick is also the Co-Founder and Chairman of SABX, a digital Xchange, where Sellers and Buyers interact and transact through a sophisticated software solution and marketplace. Nick is also an early-stage investor and advisor in other tech companies that have successfully past the unicorn status in the marketing and AI sectors. Nick has been successful in many exits with his early-stage companies as a Founder and Co-founder. Nick is an expert in the independent foodservice and retail sector, and Latin consumerism. Nick also served as an architect of the importation of beverages and snacks to the U.S. from Latin American countries for some of the largest global brands and has consulted and managed multiple national brands throughout his 25+ year career. MFMsoft is a software company developing AI-driven solutions for consumer product companies to optimize their brand presence across their customer’s digital environments. Mobi is an AI-driven software developed by MFMsoft that enables a consumer product company to seamlessly be linked to their customer’s online menus and systems giving them control over their product trademarks and copyrights, images and descriptions. As a Leading Provider of AI-driven software solutions, MFMsoft helps companies gain insights into their brand performance With a strong focus on data privacy and security, easy and simple to use technology, and automations that is seamless and doesn’t disrupt customer. Customer Systems, MFMsoft is dedicated to help Product and Brand Companies to capture their products sales data through the power of Mobi AI-Driven technology. Mobi AI-driven technology enables Product & Brand Owners to have full control over their Trademarks. If a Product & Brand Owners customer is selling products on online menus or marketplaces such as DoorDash, Amazon, & others, Mobi automations seamlessly injects authorized product images & SKU information onto their Customer Systems. Mobi doesn’t disrupt the customers current digital environment and is seamless.

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