Revolutionizing Customer Linking: How Mobi Transformed Data Capture for Companies

 Issue: My company doesn’t  have many front line sales associates calling on independent retailers. I really want to be able to capture my products pull through sales data from these retailers through Mobi but don’t have the feet on the streets to do so. How can Mobi help?

Resolution: Mobi was able to solve this problem for this Product Company by developing the digital registration form in such a way that the Company can either email or SMS the simple to use form to their customers to initiate the linking through the Mobi AI and immediately was able to start capturing the data. Also the Company created their brokers and distributors as reps in their Mobi dashboard and shared their Mobi digital form with those 3rd party companies so they link the customers to the Company. 

More info: Please click here if you would like to be connected with a Mobi team member and get more information on the Mobi AI Software. 

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